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New Liskeard Carnegie Library


Information on the New Liskeard Carnegie Library.

1719chatelain - Cropped.jpg

High Falls discovery

Archaeological site investigations, possible associated lithic quarry on Frederick House River.

Penassi Lake - 31_2.jpg

Langue de Terre/

Soweawaminica Research

Penassi Lake research which focuses on the Langue de Terre/Soweawaminica early fur trade post.

1696jaillot crop.jpg

Piscoutagami Project Research

Ongoing research into the archaeological history of the Night Hawk Lake area near Timmins.

McLean Cache - P8290345.jpg

McLean Cache



Rare archaeological find on Fairy (Frere) Lake.

Devil's island before 1909.JPG

Devil’s Island Post/

Wanatawongaw research


Research on the Frederick House Lake's early fur trade post.

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