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High Falls Research Area: 

Archaeological Site Assessment on the Frederick House River, and research into a possibly associated lithic quarry.

During consulting fieldwork in 2012 by Woodland Heritage Services Ltd., several artifacts at an early stage of manufacture were located on a narrow, clayey beach along the Frederick House River. Due to the site’s unusual location as well as recovery of artifacts from a then-unidentified source, additional research was carried out by OCARE in 2018. Through in-depth archival research, the site was identified as a former waterfall which was destroyed in 1909 by the missionary-turned-prospector Father Paradis. Accompanied by a member of the public, additional non-profit archaeological work was carried out in 2019, confirming the relatively good integrity of the archaeological site atop the 60-foot bank, near the former water level.

Several artifacts were the recovered including a finely-crafted projectile point as well as other artifacts. The early stage of manufacture of the artifacts suggested a nearby source of tool-quality stone may be present.  A candidate outcrop for this tool stone was identified during follow-up work in late-2019.  Further work is required to establish whether this outcrop was quarried and directly associated with the High Falls Site.

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