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Welcome to the Ontario Centre for Archaeological Research and Education 

The Ontario Centre for Archaeological Research and Education (OCARE) locates, develops, and preserves Ontario’s heritage.  OCARE engages the public through its work by providing:

  1. educational programming centred upon research-based discoveries and the analysis of archaeological sites;

  2. access to collections, curated to maximize relevance, interest, and accessibility;

  3. support when inadvertent discoveries are made; and


In additional to our ethical approach to archaeological research and education, OCARE is working towards providing financial support for youth from marginalized groups to study heritage in Ontario. 

Short-term objectives include securing a permanent physical space: a publicly accessible facility to carry out research and education, and for the display and storage of artifact collections, open to both individuals and groups to explore the heritage of the province.  Additionally, OCARE will directly involve students, Indigenous groups, and other members of the public in the archaeological process through the investigation, excavation, and analysis of archaeological sites.

Meet The Team


Ryan Primrose



David Gadzala

Vice President


Lisa Neil

Vice President

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